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In This Week's Edition...

St. Matthew's Honors Lois Thull At Cabin Fever Fest

By Andrea Hansen Abler

St. Matthew's Catholic School hosts their Cabin Fever Fest every year on the last Saturday of January. This year is no exception, but the difference this year is the focus of the event.
Much of this year's event will be dedicated to former school secretary Lois Thull, who died unexpectedly last spring. Lois had been the secretary at the school for 30 years. She was the friendly, smiling face you saw when first came into the school.
This year some of the auction items are being used to raise money for a scholarship in Lois' name. According to Joan Schlaefer, school principal, at least seven items have been chosen to go directly to the scholarship fund.
Four of Lois' grandchildren currently attend St. Matthew's so all four of those classroom projects will be used for the scholarship. In addition, Kevin Thull is donating one half a hog and a quarter of beef that will be used for the scholarship fund. Butch and Julie Roth have also donated a personally made platter in honor of Lois. There could be more items added to this list before the auction on Saturday, Jan. 27.
At the event, about 15 to 20 members of the Craig and Lois Thull family will be in attendance and will be the guests of honor. The theme for the night is "Aloha - Auction Luau" in memory of Lois.
"We picked the Luau theme because Craig and Lois always did the pig roasts," Schlaefer said.
At some point in the night, the group will honor Lois and how much she meant to the school. "We are going to celebrate her and it won't be too sad," Schlaefer said.
In the future, every Cabin Fever Fest will have a few items in the auction that will be dedicated to raising money for the Lois Thull Scholarship. The goal is to keep it as an ongoing scholarship. ....

To read the full article about the Cabin Fever Fest at St. Matts, see this weeks Campbellsport News.


Alexis and her mom Jamie Brenner work on a science experiment together during a recent story hour program at the Campbellsport Public Library. The library hosts a free preschool program every Wednesday morning at 10:30.
-photo submitted

In This Week's Edition...

  Ike Perron of Perron Trucking in Campbellsport filmed his portion of a video that was put together about the Village of Campbellsport. The Campbellsport Area Chamber of Commerce created two short videos as a tool to entice businesses to want to locate in the village and encourage people to move to Campbellsport. Perron talked about owning a business in town and the type of workers his business can attract.
photo by Andrea Hansen Abler


CARE's Group Creates Video To Help Market Campbellsport

By Andrea Hansen Abler

The Campbellsport CARE's (Community Act-ion Revitalization Efforts) Group has put together two videos to help market the Campbellsport community. One focuses on business development and one focuses on bringing new residents to town.
This group is a part of the Campbellsport Area Chamber of Commerce. They meet once a month and their goal is to try to bring businesses and people to this small community to help revitalize it.
In trying to accomplish this goal, the group has held informational meetings to find out what people want to see in Campbellsport. They have been big proponents on the push to try to figure out a way to start a village administrator position.
While working toward this goal, they have made up brochures and postcards about the community and sent hundreds out to businesses. All of this in hopes to get some interest in Campbellsport.
As part of this effort, they took on another project last summer. The group hired a film company to come into town to interview some community members and business owners as well as shoot some video of the town. This was then turned into the two videos for the village.
"In today's modern technology, videos are one of the new ways to promote an item or idea," said Kevin Harvey, current Chamber president, head of the CARE's group and village board member. "Everybody is communicating with i-Phones and tablets, so it is the way to advertise. CARE's worked with Fond du Lac Envision on finding a person who would put the video together. Sirna Produc-tions out of Fond du Lac had been used before for the City of Fond du Lac for putting videos together."
So, CARE's decided to work with Sirna Produc-tions to produce these videos as a way to market our town. First, they found some people to interview for the videos. They asked a few business owners, residents, volunteers and others to help out.
"I took a look at the meaning of the video and tried to pick people to express their feelings on Campbellsport," Harvey said. "Like Ike Perron, his business is transporting products and using a lot of fuel. Todd Flitter manages the biggest business in town - Drexel Building Supply. Raina Jeffery - a young person who left Campbellsport but then came back to run a business. Rick Heisler, Cary Serwe and Ann Schlaefer - all lifetime residents and business owners. And we asked others like Paul Amundson, superintendent of the Campbellsport School District; Andrew Johnson, owner of the Campbellsport News for his views on the media for this area; and Dave Krebs, village president." ...

To read the full article about the Campbellsport videos, see this weeks Campbellsport News.

To lean more about the Campbellsport CARE's Group, visit www.campbellsportchamber.org and click on the
Campbellsport CARE's tab at the top of the page.


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