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In This Week's Edition...

Sampling Of Campbellsport News And Small Business Saturday Event

  This week, the Campbellsport News was mailed to all local mailing addresses. The paper in-cludes a special advertising section called Holiday Kickoff.
The Campbellsport News is a small family-owned and operated weekly newspaper that is dedicated to providing local news and advertising for the areas covered by the Campbellsport School District. The Campbellsport News continues to be the leading single source of local information in the area.
The complete paper is only available by paid subscription in print, online, and mobile devices. To subscribe to the Campbellsport News, check out our website at www.thecampbellsportnews.com, call 920-533-8338 or stop by our office at 101 N. Fond du Lac Avenue.
This Saturday, is Small Business Saturday. We are doing something new this year in order to support our local businesses who participate in our special edition. Our newspaper will match $10 off our annual subscription rates when at least $10 is spent at one of the participating local businesses (see ad for list of businesses) on Small Business Saturday.
The only thing we require is that a receipt is brought to our office in person by the end of next week. Our offices will be closed this year on Small Business Saturday.
Remember to shop locally on Small Business Saturday to show support for our friends and neighbors.


Analysis Of Village Of Campbellsport's 2018 Budget

By Trustee David Mowry

As a first-year village trustee and a new member of the village finance committee, I often receive questions about our village finances. The budget was published last week, but that may not answer all of your questions.
I have spent more time than I would like to admit studying and researching the financial position of our village in preparation for budget season. What did I learn? Well, probably more than you care to read, so here are the high points.
First is the good news. I am pleased to report that the village board of trustees and the village department heads collaborated to create a balanced budget with a zero increase projected for our tax rate. There is also some growth in our property tax revenue due to new development that helps to cover our expenses.
One of the largest challenges was a higher fire protection rate for 2018 (over a $75,000 increase) payable to the water utility. Part of this increase will be paid from our village budget, and part will be paid on our utility bill. For most single family households, this will amount to a flat fee increase of $4.02 per month.
In order to minimize the impact of the 2018 fire protection increase and to balance the budget with a minimal impact on the village portion of property taxes, our expense budgets had to be reduced. Our general government budget was reduced, and tough decisions were made in all departments to keep expense budgets lower or very close to the same as last year while still addressing critical needs.
In terms of our tax rate, it would be great if we could avoid (or at least minimize) tax rate increases while we improve our debt position as we did for 2018. A significant portion of our property and utility revenues go to pay for debt payments — primarily for infrastructure that would support a larger population than we currently have in our community.
There are two ways this will get better. ....

For the rest of the article, please see this weeks copy of the Campbellsport News.


In This Week's Edition...

  First grade students at St. Matthew's Catholic School in Campbellsport wrote about how you make a Thanksgiving turkey. Their stories were very cute and quite entertaining. The stories are included in this week's Campbellsport News. The students are pictured above, front from left, Declan Kieler, Bryn Schairer, Eli Mowry, Tryston Kober; back row, Lilah Thull, Eli Merkel, Clay Oelke, Ava Steffer and Aaron Dins.
photo by Andrea Hansen Abler


 Every year the first grade students at St. Matthew Catholic School in Campbellsport take part in a writing assignment geared toward Thanks-giving. The students write about how their family cooks their Thanksgiving turkey.
The paragraphs are always fun to read. They have again shared these writings with us at the Campbellsport News and are published below.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Campbellsport News!!

First you have to shoot the turkey. Next you take off all the feathers. Then you cook it. Last you chop it up and eat it.
Tryston Kober

First Grandma buys a turkey at Piggly Wiggly. Next she puts the turkey in the oven. Then she takes the turkey out. Last you eat the turkey with pumpkin pie.
Ava Steffen

First you hunt for a turkey. Next you take the feathers off. Then you cook it. Last you can eat it.
Aaron Dins

First buy a turkey at a store. Next cook the turkey in an oven. Then put spices on it. Last you eat it with your family.
Declan Kieler

First we get a turkey from the store. Next wash the turkey in the sink. Then cook the turkey in the oven. Last we get to eat the turkey.
Bryn Schirer

First Grandma and Grandpa go hunting. Next they bring it home. Then we set the table. Last we eat the turkey.
Eli Mowry

First Grandma buys a turkey at the store. Next she unwraps the turkey. Then she cooks it in her oven. Last she takes it out to cool so we can eat it.
Eli Merkel

First you wash the turkey off. Next you cut it in small pieces. Then you cook it in a giant circle pot. Last it is done so you can eat it.
Clay Oelke

First you have to wash the turkey. Next put it in the oven. Last you eat it with your family.
Lilah Thull



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