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Welcome to the Campbellsport News, Campbellsport's hometown newspaper!

Every week the Campbellsport News brings you news about the people you care for. Hitting the newsstand Wednesday and delivered to your doorstep Thursday, the Campbellsport News offers complete coverage of local events. Even if you are not a resident of the "Village of Campbellsport," a subscription to the Campbellsport News can make you feel like Campbellsport is your hometown!



The Campbellsport News...

focuses on many of the important things that go on in Campbellsport and its surrounding areas. The News does this by publishing special sections included in the weekly newspaper several times a year.

These sections include the high school sports section, high school graduation section, a spring and fall visitor section, a bridal section, March Mania, Spring Spectacular, Dynamite Deals, Holiday Kick-Off and Christmas Greetings.

By publishing these sections, Campbellsport area residents can be informed on the different things going on in their area and the special deals area businesses are offering. These sections are included free of charge in the Campbellsport News.


Did you know...

The Campbellsport News is owned by Wisconsin Free Press? Wisconsin Free Press owns and operates the Campbellsport News, the Kewaskum Statesman and the Dodge County Pionier. In this day and age of newspaper buyouts and mergers, these publications remain locally and independently owned and operated. The staff at the Campbellsport News is proud to continue in the tradition of serving its community in the same independent spirit on which it was founded back in 1906.


The idea of a newspaper in the Campbellsport area took root when Dr. Louis Eidemiller came to New Cassel and purchased Lot 13 of Block 10 of the New Cassel Plat, where he built his home and office building. The time was recorded as December 28, 1875. The address was 340 East Main St.

A newspaper was born in 1880 when he established the small New Cassel Blitz newspaper and published it for six months out of Dr. Rudolph Zimmerman’s office and home located at 218 S. Jenny St. The paper was then edited by a Mr. Johnson, which he named the Twin Village News. An old copy of the paper showed the date as July 1, 1899 (Volume 2, Number 8). This indicated that the first copy was edited in May of 1898.

Around the turn of the century, Charles Broughton became Mr. Johnson’s partner. For the next five years, the news and ads were recorded by a lady in Wedde’s Hardware Store. The business later was known as Schlaefer Hardware Store, the address was 136 West Main St. The building is now apartments. Sometime in 1907, Charles Broughton left Campbellsport to become the editor of the Sheboygan Press.

Mr. Johnson sold to Mr. W.C. Oviatt in May of 1906. That date becomes very important because at that time, the paper was officially named the Campbellsport News.

On May 1, 1911, W.C. Oviatt sold the Campbellsport News to William Sullivan, who came from Menomonie, WI. Sullivan purchased a linotype and an assortment of printing equipment. During his 25-year ownership, Sullivan also served as Village Clerk (1911-1913), a member of the fire department and acting Postmaster of the village.

Sullivan retired because of ill health and leased the paper and print shop to Mr. Sloggy on May 1, 1935. The News was located in the McCullough warehouse. Dorothy Schaefer was the linotype operator for Sullivan, Sloggy and Roate until she retired in 1939.

Harlow Roate had purchased the News on November 15, 1937, and his wife, Mickey, began helping in 1939.

After Frank Bauer purchased the old store and warehouse for a new business venture, the News continued to move. First to the Odd Fellows Hall, which was located at 146 East Main St., and then to the Kohler Show Store at 142 W. Main St. in 1943.

Historian Reese, in his records, indicated that Roate was active in the fire department, Lions Club, Boy Scouts, Little League and School District. Mickey was active in the Campbellsport Women’s Club, Girl Scouts and was a long-time member of the Library Board.

In 1974, the Roates sold the News to Jerry Ninnemann, who came to Campbellsport from Menomonee Falls. Ninnemann learned what Roate had dealt with during the last few years of his ownership-that good roads and dependable automobiles made shopping centers in Fond du Lac and West Bend very attractive. The result being that the Main Street of Campbellsport (business-wise) continued to shrink.

The News was the official paper for Campbellsport and the Town of Ashford when the Ninnemanns arrived.

During their tenure, they took the paper further in that direction. The News also became the official paper for the Campbellsport School District, the Village of Eden, and the Townships of Auburn, Eden and Osceola. During that time, the circulation went from less than 500 to nearly 2,000.

Jerry’s wife, Dolores, had joined him at the paper in 1979, as did son, Jim. Jim operated the paper the last seven years of the Ninnemann ownership. Each of the other Ninnemann children helped during periods of time while they were going to school and had other part-time jobs.

Shortly after the purchase of the News, the publication went offset. It was printed, during Jerry’s ownership, at the Plymouth Review, Action Printing and some 20 years at Ripon Community Printers, where it continues to be printed today.

Like other publishers before him, Ninnemann was active in the community. He served as School Board President during the renovation of the high school and the construction of the new grade school on Highway W.

He was appointed to two three-year terms on the Milwaukee River revitalization Council by then Governor Tommy G. Thompson. He was also a charter member of of the Friends of the Kettle Moraine and, together with administrator Bertone, put together the Campbellsport Scholarship Foundation and served on its board for a number of years.

Dolores was active in the Campbellsport Women’s Club and served on the boards of the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System and the Fond du Lac County Volunteer Center.

During the time of the Ninnemann ownership, the Campbellsport Bank (now National Exchange Bank) played an important role in keeping a weekly paper in Campbellsport.

In 1978, the Ninnemanns purchased the former Meyer Ford building at 101 N. Fond du Lac Avenue, where it is still located today. They completely remodeled the building and opened for business at the new location within weeks of the opening of the newly completed bank building and the then Savings & Loan building on the corner across the street from the News. It was an exciting time for the small newspaper.

A new roof was put on in 1999, together with some changes in the landscaping and outside of the building.
The News published a paper every week during the nearly 30-year ownership.

In 2004, the Ninnemann family sold the News to the Andrew Johnson family of Mayville. The Johnsons continue to publish the Campbellsport News.
The current employees try to continue the heritage of being involved in the community. Johnson and his employees strive to maintain the quality set by the previous publishers.

In 2007, some major changes were made in the way the Campbellsport News is created. The creation process went from mostly manual to almost completely electronic.

In the past, News employees had used the old form of cutting and pasting to put the paper together. They would print out all of the stories, photos and ads on pieces of paper and then cut them out. They would take those stories, photos and ads and paste them onto a bigger sheet of paper that would hold two pages of the paper. If staff members needed to move something around, the pieces were pasted on with wax, which would make everything easy to remove and re-stick in a different spot.

For a couple of years, the News staff had been talking about switching everything to an electronic version. It became a necessity to do this because of the printer of the newspaper.

The pagination process started out slowly by publishing a few pages a week electronically. By mid-May, every page was being put together on the computer. All the stories, photos and ads were arranged together on a page on the computer and then each page was printed out on a large sheet of paper.
The pages of the paper were then taken to the Mayville office. There, the publisher would make a metal plate of each page, which would be taken to the printers — Ripon Printers. The Campbellsport News is printed on a Wednesday morning and is back in the office by 11:30 a.m. that day.
This was a huge change for the business. All computer systems had to be upgraded and a server needed to be added so everyone in the office could access the stories, photos and ads needed for the paper.

After completing this task, another new step was added in December. The December 20th edition of the Campbellsport News was the first one that went straight to Ripon Printers electronically. All of the pages were sent to Ripon over the internet through a new software program that Ripon Printers had set up.
This allows the pages to go through a process called computer-to-plate or CTP. Now, the News staff put a page together on the computer and sends that page over the internet to Ripon and then another computer retrieves the information and makes the plate that will go on the printing press. This process also provides an electronic archive of each edition of the Campbellsport News.

These changes were huge for the Campbellsport News. All of these changes were behind the scenes and went undetected by the readers.
Now, the readers can see the rewards of changing everything to electronic publishing. By changing to an electronic process, it made it much easier and more affordable for the Campbellsport News to use color in the newspaper. This has meant more full color pages in the newspaper, which have been a delight to the readers.

The paper also started offering front page ads on the bottom two inches of the paper in January 2008. These ads are in full color.
The Campbellsport News continues to strive to give you a great newspaper every week. If you ever have any comments or ideas, please feel free to contact us at 533-8338 or by email at frontdesk@thecampbellsportnews.com.

—Thank you to Irene Meyer and Sister Connie Halbur of the Campbellsport Historical Society, who helped to pull needed information from the archives at the library.

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