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In This Week's Edition...

School District To Hold District Meeting

 The School District of Campbellsport will be holding a special public meeting on Wednesday, June 28, in the Campbellsport High School library at 7 p.m.
The purpose of this meeting will be to approve the purchase of two properties along Railroad Street in Campbellsport.
According to state stat-ute, any purchase of property must be approved in a public meeting of the electorate. A district is allowed to hold two public meetings in addition to its required annual meeting each year.
This is the second public meeting being held this year. The properties are being purchased as part of the building project that has started at the middle/ high school building in Campbellpsport.
A referendum was held and approved during the November 2016 presidential election for this project. It will include the demolition of the older portion of the building and the construction of a new addition in that spot along with the remodel of some other classrooms and areas of the building.
The board will also take up some regular school board items if needed during this meeting.


Village Of Eden Approves Wheel Tax
—Tax Will Take Effect This Fall

By Andrea Hansen Abler
Members of the Eden Village Board approved a wheel tax for the village.
On Tuesday, June 20, the village held a second public hearing to talk about the possibility of the wheel tax. After the hearing, the board approved the tax during its monthly board meeting.
The tax will be $20 per registered vehicle and will be added to a person's yearly registration. According to Cory St. Mary, village president, there are about 1,900 registered vehicles in the village. This should generate
more than $30,000 for the village.
"All the money comes right back to Eden except 17 cents," St. Mary said. "It's something that will get some money back in the village for roads."
The state collects the money with the registration fees and then gives the money to the village. For the costs of collecting and allocating the wheel tax, the state keeps 17 cents.
The village has been talking about this tax for a few months in an effort to find ways to pay for expenses in the village. Its budget is very tight every year with little left over for items like repaving or repairs to streets, snowplowing and other similar expenses.
The State of Wisconsin limits how much a government entity like the village can tax residents.
"The state has taken away our ability to increase taxes," said Sheila Zook, village clerk. "We don't have much choice if we don't want to go back to gravel roads."

For the full story, please see this weeks edition of the Campbellsport News.


In This Week's Edition...

 Mad Dog and Merrill show off one of the recipes they prepared on the grill during their presentation at the Campbellsport Public Library on Thursday, June 15. They are internationally recognized and self-proclaimed "Grillologists." Mad Dog & Merrill, entertain and educate thousands of backyard enthusiasts every year with the finer points of grilling and want to make everyone a better griller and have a ton of fun doing it. A large crowd came out on a beautiful summer night for this presentation.
photo by Dan Miller

  This rainbow could be seen over Main Street in Campbellsport late Monday afternoon, June 19, in between the rain showers that day. It looked like the rainbow was framing the east portion of Main Street and made for a beautiful scene as people were driving home from work.
photo by Andrea Hansen Abler



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